Govt to take action over subsidised cooking oil *** uggling, says Mustapa

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,Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Economy) Mustapa Mohamed says his office took a serious view of subsidised cooking oil *** uggling. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 3, 2022.

THE government views seriously the leakage in the supply of subsidised cooking oil, which is said to be due to, among others, of *** uggling to neighbouring countries, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economy) Mustapa Mohamed.

He said his office took a serious view of the matter with the current shortage of supply in the country.

“We held discussions with various parties to obtain clearer information on the issue, including with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.”

“We want to know how serious this matter is because the government provides subsidy for locals to enjoy, but instead it is enjoyed by foreigners. This should not happen,” he said when met after surveying the prices of daily necessities and goods at the Tunjong Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) in Kota Bahru today.

Mustapa, who is also a member of the special team, “Jihad Tangani Inflasi” (Jihad on Addressing Inflation), said the team would meet for its third meeting tomorrow with the focus on two main issues, the shortage of subsidised cooking oil and the rising prices of essential goods. – Bernama, July 3, 2022.

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